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Clear Invisalign® Aligners
Hillsboro, OR

Intro to Invisalign

Let's face it, no one looks forward to orthodontics. Well, that may not be true, a more accurate statement might be, no one looks forward to braces. Braces are big, clunky, and not appealing to look at. They make it hard to eat certain foods and can embarrass you in that big business meeting you have coming up. Braces can even cause sores in your mouth! Who wants that? Fortunately, at Century Dental, we offer the best alternative to braces – Invisalign. Invisalign does away with all the worst parts of braces and focuses on giving you the smile you want during and after treatment.

Clearly The Best Treatment Option

Invisalign offers tooth alignment the same way braces do, but it doesn't have any of the horrible hang-ups attached to braces. Instead of protruding brackets, poking wires, and failing bands Invisalign is just a clear plastic tray that is custom-made to fit your teeth. You will wear these trays all day every day, but can remove them to clean your teeth (another huge benefit over braces). As your teeth are gradually moved into place, we will swap out the trays with new trays that will move your teeth further into place.

Faster Than Regular Braces

Close-up of a Invisalign clear aligner tray held by Hillsboro dentist at Century Dental.Invisalign has improved on braces in every way, even in the speed of treatment. The time that it takes to treat you varies depending on many factors. One big difference between Invisalign and braces is that the visits to our office are much quicker with Invisalign treatment. Instead of having to adjust your braces slowly, we simply take your old tray and give you a new one.

Treating a Wide Variety of Alignment Issues

We can treat a wide variety of alignment issues using the Invisalign system.

Gapped Teeth

When there are unwanted spaces between your teeth, we can close those gaps and give you the straight smile you've always wanted.


When the upper teeth bite significantly over the bottom teeth, it results in an overbite. Invisalign can treat this issue.


When the lower teeth bite in front of the upper teeth, it results in an underbite. This can cause pain and discomfort.

Open Bite

When your bite doesn't fully come together there can be some problems that arise – this is called an open bite.

Overly Crowded

When teeth become overly crowded the issue can compound and become worse over time. This can result in severely crooked teeth and significantly uncomfortable teeth.

No One Has to Know

The best part about Invisalign is that no one can tell that you are having your teeth straightened because they can't see the trays. This allows you to forgo the uncomfortable and embarrassing interactions with co-workers and friends. You don't even have restrictions placed on what foods you can and can't eat. Invisalign offers you true freedom from braces!

We look forward to seeing your smiling face and encourage you to call us today at (971) 708-1608 to schedule you appointment. When it comes to Invisalign, we offer no obligation consultations, so see us today!
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At Century Dental, we offer the best alternative to braces - Invisalign. Invisalign does away with all the worst parts of braces and focuses on giving you the smile you want during and after treatment.
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