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Dental Bone Graft
Hillsboro, OR

Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is a vital part of dentistry. It allows us to restore the health of the bone following a dental extraction. By strengthening and rebuilding the patient's bone mass, we are able to take the next step in placing a prosthetic device, either an implant, or denture device. Your jaw bone is important to your oral health, it is the foundation for your teeth, a strong foundation is needed to have strong teeth. At Century Dental in Hillsboro, OR, under the direction of Jefferson Call, DMD or Thorn Simnitt, DMD, we can bulk up you bone, and preserve your bone ridge through a simple bone graft procedure. It's simple, painless with a local anesthetic, fast, and the end result will be increasing the width and length of your jaw base, increasing it's ability to support teeth.

Healthy bone requires the motion and pressure that comes with chewing. You may be surprised to discover just how needy our bone is, and once that movement stops, the bone responds almost immediately with sorption. If you have ever experienced a cast on either an arm or leg, people are often surprised at how much shrinkage occurred to their fractured limb after the cast was removed. The patient with the fractured limb has to take it easy while they rebuild that muscle and bone mass. This bone sorption is due to a process called atrophy, and when an area of the body is not exercised or moved, it atrophies. The same principle applies when a tooth is lost or extracted. Once the tooth leaves the socket, the bone that once supported that tooth rapidly responds with resorption, decreasing the amount of bone in that area, prohibiting tooth replacement.

Jefferson Call, DMD or Thorn Simnitt, DMD can rebuild your bone through a simple in office procedure called a bone graft. Though it sounds severe, in most cases, a dental bone graft is done quickly, simply, and mostly pain free with little post discomfort.

Bone Grafting - Century Dental Hillsboro OR

What is a Bone Graft?

By applying a bone graft, we can both replace lost bone, while also promoting new bone to growth in that spot. With new, stronger bone, we can then proceed with a prosthetic replacement, such as a tooth implant or a denture, thereby letting us restore both your functionality and the look of your smile.

For your bone graft procedure, there are four different bone options available to us to restore your bone. They each offer pros and cons, and we are happy to discuss which option we feel is best for you and your needs.
•  Autogenous Bone Grafts:The most common bone graft, this option uses bone from you, the patient. We extract a tiny amount of bone from your chin, your jaw, or even from your skull. This is generally the most recommended option, because it is the most predictable option when regrowing new tissue. This may not be suitable for all of our patients since it requires a second surgical site.
•  Allogenic Bone Grafts:This bone graft option uses donated human bone. We take freeze dried bone, which has been treated to that there is no way disease can be passed. Because it is not your own tissue, the outcome is unpredictable if bone will grow or not.
•  Xenogenic Bone Grafts:Using animal bone grafts, this option is often the least recommended due to its unpredictability.
•  Synthetic Bone Grafts:Synthetic bone is a safe option with proven results.

With a period of healing time, generally about three months, we are then able to proceed with the next step in your dental restoration.

For more information, or if you'd like to schedule an appointment, please give us a call at (971) 708-1608 in Hillsboro, OR.
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