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Dental implants are a great solution when one is missing a single tooth or when one is missing all of your teeth. At Century Dental, we take implant dentistry very seriously, and give each of our patients that is considering it, a thorough examination to determine if that would be the best route for them to go. Instead of going to a dentist that is going to give you an implant because you want one, we make sure they will fit in with your current lifestyle and give you the results you are hoping to get.

Reasons to Get Implant Dentistry

There are many reasons that people want to look into implant dentistry. If you are missing a single tooth, having no pressure on that part of the gums can cause the bone to deteriorate, and that can affect all of the surrounding teeth. Getting an implant on that spot gives your jaw the same pressure when you eat or speak, that your natural tooth did. That allows the bone to remain strong, and your jaw to remain healthy. The same goes for those who are missing an entire arch, or missing all of their teeth. In order to keep the jaw healthy, dental implants are a great option, most of the time.

However, for those who are still actively smoking, dental implants are not a great option. The damage caused by smoking can leave you with implants that never adhere properly, leaving them wobbly, which could leave you in a worse spot. The constant smoke coming in contact with the open gums can also leave you open to an infection where the post gets put, and that could put your health at risk. In these situations, we tend to tell patients no to getting implants, until they are able to quit smoking.

The Basics of Implant Dentistry

After the tooth, or teeth, have been removed, the area that will receive the implant needs to be prepared. This involves placing an implant that will later hold a post, into the jaw and giving it time to bone with the surrounding jawbone. This is usually called osseointergration. Once the bone and implant become one, then the post is added to the implant, which will then later hold the crown. Then a crown is created that will appear in shape and color to be natural in your mouth, and once that is ready, it is placed on top of the post. From there, you have what appears to be a natural tooth in a spot where one was missing. If you are having a full arch done, the process is similar, except two implants are placed, and arch is created instead of a single crown.

If you want to find out if you would be a good candidate for implant dentistry, give the experts at Century Dental a call today at (971) 708-1608. They will look over your mouth, and talk to you about your best options, then you can decide how you would prefer to proceed.

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