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Complete Fixed Bridge

Rendering of jaw with dental bridgeAre you suffering from extensive tooth loss but are unsure how to fix it? Losing any number of teeth can be deeply harrowing due to the effect their absence has on daily activities, whether it be eating, drinking, or even smiling or laughing. If you are looking to remedy extensive tooth loss or replace teeth that may still be there but are severely damaged, a complete fixed bridge may be the answer. At Century Dental, we have a wide variety of tools and procedures with which to help a patient handle all of their dental needs, including fixed dental bridges.

What Are Complete Fixed Bridges?

A complete fixed bridge is a dental procedure in which a variety of different techniques are used to fully restore a patient’s smile. At its core, complete fixed bridges are a full-arch restoration procedure. They are typically composed of dental implants, abutments, and a restoration. In general, porcelain is the primary material that is used to imitate the teeth that are being replaced. This is due to its high malleability, its aesthetic properties that allow it to resemble the natural appearance of teeth, and its strength that is needed in daily life.

What Is the Process of a Complete Fixed Bridge Like?

As with most dental procedures, the first step is usually identifying the problem, and having a consultation at our office. This is an essential step, as we should be the ones to help a patient determine the best course of action for their specific circumstance. During this step, a patient can expect to undergo a variety of diagnostic exams, such as a complete oral exam, an x-ray of the mouth, as well as a thorough review of a patient’s dental health in order to best determine which procedure should be settled on.

Once the complete fixed bridge has been decided upon, the actual operative work can begin. This dental procedure is a two-part procedure, neither of which are major operations but both of which are essential to a smooth operation, as well as post-operative recovery.

In the first surgery, any debris will be removed from the site of implantation. This can include partially damaged teeth or remnants that would hinder the implantation of the complete fixed bridge. Once that has been completed, an incision site is made for each implant that will be placed. After the implant has been securely attached to the jawbone, the bridge can then be placed, and the site sutured.

Aftercare for Complete Fixed Bridges

Fortunately, post-procedure care for patients with a complete fixed bridge is fairly minimal, especially compared to other kinds of dental procedures that may require multiple visits. Essentially, be sure to treat the complete fixed bridge much like you would your original set of pearly whites: maintain proper oral hygiene by brushing twice a day as well as flossing and follow any special pieces of advice given to you by our dentists.

Fixed dental bridges can help restore both your confidence and your smile. To learn more about them, or to set up an appointment with us here at Century Dental, please give us a call at today.
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