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Veneers vs. Crowns
Hillsboro, OR

What are porcelain veneers?

Your teeth are an important part of your mouth. They enable you to bite and chew as well as speak properly. Your teeth also play a crucial role in the quality of your smile. Damage to your teeth can have a significant impact on your smile, and your confidence. More significant damage can impact the health of your teeth, and your mouth, as well, causing serious issues like infections. At Century Dental, we can correct damaged teeth with veneers and crowns.

Veneers and Crowns

Veneers and crowns are two common options for treating damaged teeth. Veneers are thin shell-like structures that cover the front surfaces of damaged teeth. These restorations are designed to correct minor flaws in your teeth that are only cosmetic. They work by covering the damage, effectively restoring the beauty of your smile.

Veneers are often made from porcelain, a material that perfectly matches the color and shine of your natural teeth. A crown is a restoration that resembles a cap in appearance. It is made to fit over the entire visible surface of a damaged tooth. Crowns are often used when the damage is more significant, compromising the appearance of your teeth as well as your oral health.

Crowns work to hold damaged teeth together, preventing further damage, protecting them from infection, and restoring their strength. Crowns can be made from metal, although porcelain and ceramic crowns are more popular.

What Can Veneers and Crowns Fix?

Veneers can correct some different minor imperfections, including:
•  Small chips and cracks that only affect the enamel.
•  Minor alignment issues that do not affect your oral health. These include spaces between your teeth as well as slight overlapping.
•  Teeth that are unusually shaped or sized.
•  Discoloration that cannot be whitened.

Crowns are used not only to correct cosmetic issues, but also to restore the health of your mouth, preventing further damage, infections, and the need for a tooth extraction. Common reasons for a crown include:
•  Larger cracks or chips that have extended past the enamel layer of the tooth.
•  Cavities that cannot be treated with a regular filling. With larger cavities, fillings can compromise the tooth structure.
•  Providing protection and strength following root canal therapy.
•  Replacing missing teeth with dental implants.

Placing Your Veneers or Crowns

The placement of veneers and crowns is fairly similar. Both procedures are performed under a local anesthetic. With veneers, only a small amount of enamel needs to be removed from the front surface of the affected teeth. For crowns, more enamel needs to be removed.

The tooth needs to be made smaller so that the crown fits comfortably and naturally among the rest of your teeth. After the teeth are prepared, impressions are taken. These impressions are sent to our dental lab, where your restorations are created.

If you are receiving a crown, a temporary crown is placed over the tooth to protect it until the final restoration is complete. Patients receiving veneers do not usually need a temporary restoration. Once the restorations are complete, they are bonded to your teeth using specialized dental cement.

Veneers commonly correct cosmetic issues, while crowns can correct cosmetic issues and restore the health of your mouth. For more information, and to find out which option is best for you, call Century Dental today at (971) 708-1608.
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Veneers vs Crowns | Century Dental | Hillsboro, OR dentist
Veneers correct cosmetic issues, while crowns correct cosmetic issues and restore the health of your mouth. To find out which option is best for you, call Century Dental!
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